Funding a Psychologist in Packard Children's Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)

The Charles B. and Ann L. Johnson Center for Pregnancy and Newborn Services at Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital Stanford is one of the few in the country to offer obstetric, neonatal, and developmental medicine services all in one place. The Johnson Center offers services from preconception to birth and follow-up care and delivers about 4,500 babies a year. Currently there is not a dedicated clinical psychologist in the NICU to help support mothers and families.  

The Ambassadors 2018-2019 Fund-A-Need will expand the care team at the Johnson Center by funding a clinical psychologist in the NICU and Packard Intermediate Care Nursery (PICN).  Our target goal is $200,000.

  • Ongoing collaborative research in Packard Children’s Divisions of Neonatology and Child and Adolescent Psychiatry has shown that mothers with babies in the NICU are at high risk for post-traumatic stress, depression, anxiety, and significant coping issues.  Interventions developed at Packard Children’s and beginning during the NICU stay have shown significantly reduced maternal symptoms and improved outcomes when providing psychological support to mothers of these highest risk infants.

  • The Johnson Center, PICN, and NICU currently provide a full range of highly specialized medical and surgical services. This includes a nationally-recognized Level IV NICU which provides the highest level of intensive care available for the smallest and sickest babies. In addition to the medical teams that support the babies, care teams focused on family-centered care include chaplains, social workers and interpreters to support the mothers and families.

  • With planning under way for the Johnson Center refresh, the new Clinical Psychologist will enhance and support the clinical work and the research in both the NICU and PICN and support the true commitment to family-centered care.  This position will be an enormous differentiator for Packard Children’s, helping them become leaders in advancing this area of care and accelerate research in this critical field.


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